Fancy dress party 1(Julia Mannott, JG 10) The meeting was great! We were at the Europe House in Aurich for ten days.

Our guests met us on Friday at midnight. We were very excited and happy when we heard that the bus arrived. I met a lot of new people from the Basque country, Wales, Finland and Poland during the days. We worked with the topic: ”health and sport as an important value for young people.”

There were many interesting games, activities, presentations and workshops. One game was “the secret friend game”. Everybody had to write a letter to another person. We wrote letters every day. Nobody knew who their secret friend was.

We had two special activities. One of them was the canoeing in Timmel and the other one was a walk through the mudflats to Baltrum. It was very exhausting, but funny also.

Almost every evening we had our national evenings, where we presented a bit about our country and played games with the people from other countries. There were a barbeque and a midsummer party also.

Special guest visited us, too. They spoke with us about different topics. For example: mobbing, drugs, alcohol and sexuality. We collected a lot of new information to the topic.

On Tuesday we started the workshops, for example the art workshop. They painted bodies and patterns on the walls from the cellar. It looks very nice!! There were a dance workshop, sport workshop, newspaper workshop, radio workshop, photography workshop and the public action workshop. It was great and we had much fun!!! The people from the radio workshop were one time at radio Ostfriesland.

One person from every country had a press conference too.

On the last day we had our public action presentation at the town. After that we had our international dinner. Everybody was dressed well!

We presented the results from the workshops and resolved the secret friend game.

At the end we had to say goodbye. It was really sad. In my opinion it was a special week and I will remember it at all times. I am still in contact with the others.



Pictures of the meeting:


  • Art workshop
  • Fancy dress party 1
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  • Games
  • International dinner 2
  • International dinner
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  • Pretty ladies
  • Public action event
  • Relaxing


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